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As a business owner your life is full of challenges and decisions. A wrong turn could cost you plenty.

It’s also a lonely role, and finding the advice and support you want can be difficult.

Visionary Advisors works with business owners that want to grow.  Businesses that want more than just end of financial year tax work. 

We partner with owners that want advice and support to make better informed business decisions. We help them make more money from their business and protect the assets they have.

We are invested in your success and are 100% with you all the way; available whenever you need us.

Personal Services

At Visionary Advisors we take great care to make the most of your personal finances.

Business Services

Our business services exist to make your business life easier, help you make more money from your business, and protect your assets.


their plans and advice have been an important part of our success

"I wanted more than just end of year tax work. When you are growing a business there are so many things to consider and money underpins most of them.

I had tried to get our previous accountant involved but they had no real ideas about business and what we were trying to do.

Dene & the team at Visionary Advisors provided great advice about asset protection and tax effective structures as we expanded. Their plans and advice have been an important part of our success.

More than that – they are invested in our business and respond to all and any queries we have.”

Shane Williams Totally Workwear

Shane Williams
Owner, Totally Workwear, Port Stephens

...more than doubled over the past 12 months

"Dene Kilpatrick played a crucial role in establishing my business and provides invaluable advice and support during its ongoing rapid growth….which has more than doubled over the past 12 months.

To have someone who truly listens, can draw the lines between all the scattered dots in a business and have the confidence in their advice is a wonderful thing.

Above that Dene is a man of integrity and his values shine through in all that he and his team do.

Visionary Advisors is a vital part of my team."

Mick OShea

Mick O’Shea
Owner, Unity Building Solutions

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