Our Stories

At Visionary Advisors we have two lead advisors:

Dene Kilpatrick

dene kilpatrick2Dene has been blessed with a life of worthy adventures – born in 1970 he was fed and watered in the high country south of Jindabyne on his family’s farm. A heritage that stays strong with him, even today. Boxing above his weight, he met and married his extremely patient and beautiful wife Sarah, and they have three grown sons: Sam, Nic and Dan. 

He honed his skills in Accounting by discovering that advising is more about listening, observing and refining a conversation. He has a gift for taking the passions and ideas of people and providing them with the perspective necessary to inspire action.

Jillian Dwyer

Jillian DwyerThe city slicker in the firm, Jillian was born and bred in Newcastle but took an unorthodox route into accounting. Starting off in nursing, she found it was not for her so she took a 180° turn and started a commerce degree. With her love of numbers and solving problems, it was the perfect place for her.

“I love helping people solve their business problems - and in particular, complex SMSF structure and taxation opportunities."

Jillian is also one of the region’s top cricket administrators and has recently started playing in the local women’s comp.

We are well supported by a team of senior accountants, bookkeepers and exceptional administrators. They are the real engine of our business – and your success.

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