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You’re into your last ten years at work.

Do you have enough to enjoy the retirement you deserve?

You’ve worked hard all your lives. Conscientious about paying off the mortgage. Giving your children a good education. Funding all their extra-curricular activities and supporting them through TAFE and Uni.

It involved sacrifices, but you were happy to make them.

But now it’s your time. Retirement is looming and you want to enjoy it. Travel, spend time with the grandkids, go out and play with friends, be able to enjoy a dinner and show in Sydney.

The three most common fears

  • But do I have enough to retire on?
  • Will we be ok? Be able to afford the life we deserve?
  • Is it too late?

These are the most common questions we get asked by new clients. And the answers are simple:

  • It is never too late, though the earlier you start the more we can achieve for you.
  • It depends on your goals and dreams.
  • And do you have a financial plan in place?

And that’s where we come in.


A well-executed plan works every time.

Our process delivers the outcomes you want.

1. Where you are

We establish your current financial state – what you own, debts, investments, super and lifestyle costs.

2. What you want

We clearly identify your goals and objectives. The things that matter to you. That you want to do and experience in your retirement. Your priorities and what they might cost.

3. The “sleep-ability” test

All investments carry risk. That’s why we develop the strategy and construct your investment portfolio based on your personal goals and priorities. Carefully designed to consider the returns you want, at the risk you can sleep with.

4. The execution

“In preparing for battle I have found that all plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” Dwight Eisenhower.

This captures the essential truth of plans and real life. Things change. Your goals might stay the same. Or not; but financial markets are in a permanent state of flux.

It’s why we regularly review both your goals and your investments. To make sure they are still aligned and make any adjustments required.

To make sure the money is there for the things you want. When you want.

To find out more call (02) 4926 7100 to book an appointment with Dene Kilpatrick, or fill in our enquiry form.

The retirement you want

  • a well-executed plan 
  • the risk you can sleep with
  • enjoy the retirement you deserve 

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Retirement - the well deserved finishing line for most working people but also a time of massive re-adjustment.
The money stops coming in and financial advisors field a lot of calls. "Will I be ok, really?"
But don’t leave it until retirement, at which point there is only so much a financial advisor can do for you.

Webinar: The new investment realities

The past two years have ushered in profound structural changes that are affecting how the investment market behaves. I held a webinar on new investment realities, together with Glen Foster, Head of Risk and Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium. Watch the replay below.

The investment landscape has changed. A new era is here.

The old economic assumptions have been shattered over the past two years. Which creates both opportunity and risk. Join Dene Kilpatrick and Glen Foster, Head of Risk and Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium, as he unpacks the new investment landscape – and gives guidance on how you can thrive in this new world order. Wed 25 October at 6pm.

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