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Working with you to make the most of your business.

Running a business can be little like raising children – there is no manual, it’s all-consuming, a paradox that is both rewarding and challenging and actually costs a remarkable amount of money.

So to have a sounding board, wise advice from people who have experienced it before, and people who actually come in and give you a hand, can be invaluable.

That’s what Visionary Advisors is here for and we do it in two key areas: 

Making more money from your business

Money is the life-blood of any business and when it’s running low, or we don’t know where it’s going or when the next lot is coming in, we can start to become stressed:

1. Keeping your money in your bank for longer (cashflow management*)

Cash is king and keeping it in your bank account for as long as possible makes a big difference to the decisions and actions you want to make.

Invoicing, creditor and debtor management, cashflow forecasts, payment terms, bank arrangements – all make a huge difference to your cashflow. We manage that for you so you can keep your eye on the bigger game.

2. Paying as little to the ATO as you legally can (tax minimisation*)

The tax laws in Australia are some of the largest and most complex in the Western world. The government – at all three levels – are after money from you.

That’s where we come in, minimising the tax you pay – so that there is more money in your wallet.

3. Expenditure and sales plans – confidence in your business future (budgeting & KPIs*)

Expenditure and sales plans give you a detailed breakdown of the key drivers in your business. So you know how much you can spend, on what and when. So that you know where your sales are coming from and what you need to do to grow them.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) track your business performance so that you can respond to changes as need be. The plans keep you focussed on the important things, helping you maximise the profits from your business.

4. Make timely, proactive business decisions (reporting*)

Knowledge is power.

Knowing what is happening in the important parts of your business means that you can make decisions that have a positive impact on its success.

Most accountants only tell you at the end of the year and after the event about your business. We work with business owners that want to be on top of their business. Taking control and making powerful, informed choices about the direction and future of their business. 

Protecting your assets

Your business is one of your biggest assets. For many of our clients it is their biggest asset.  It is there to provide for your long term wellbeing, and that of your loved ones.

Yet many business owners are exposed to significant potential losses – without proper structures and safeguards in place should things change.

  • A loss of a major contract
  • Large unexpected expenses
  • Business failure

And the biggest challenge of all, a breakdown in a relationship – whether personal or professional.  When people want to go their separate ways – even successful and long-time happy business partners – it can end up in a messy “divorce”.

That’s when well thought through plans and advice is invaluable. The emotional stresses are high enough without the overhang of huge potential losses.

We ensure all our business clients are protected so they can rest at ease, knowing their assets are safe and their long term financial wellbeing is assured.

*Accountant speak

Dene KilpatrickTo find out how we can help your business make more money or protect your assets, call Dene Kilpatrick on (02) 4926 7100 and book a Free review.

business plans have kept me on track – last year was my best yet

“Having come from the corporate world I had never run a business before and needed guidance and support.

Dene challenged my thought processes and brought a bigger picture – visionary – view to my business world and opportunities.

He instills me with confidence and reassurance. His business plans have kept me on track to achieving my goals and last year was my best yet.

He speaks in plain English and has a wonderful dry sense of humour.

I completely rely on Visionary in my business and personal financial life to help me achieve the things that matter to me.”

Bernie Garrett2

Bernie Garrett
Principal Partner, Foundation Leadership

incredible support - complete commitment - expert business knowledge

“When I first met Dene I liked him immediately. What he said was simple and incredibly insightful and it was obvious he is a man of character with clear personal values.

When introduced to Dene I was with a good accountant but after spending about 6 months observing him, how he presented himself and his values, I asked to meet with him. Dene knows business and numbers, though what made him different and appealed to me is he wanted to know about me, my vision and goals, my challenges and dreams. He cared about knowing me as well as the business.

And it has been that way ever since. When I experienced difficulties in my business and sought advice, he called me every Tuesday at 6.00am giving me coaching support and advice as I reset my goals and recovered. He’s been there every step of the way.

If I could sum him up I would use words like incredible support, complete commitment, integrity and expert business knowledge.

He is a good friend and he cares.”

Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker
CEO, Dolphin Swim Australia

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