Control What You Can (and Let Go of Everything Else)

27 Nov 2023 | Dene Kilpatrick

It is easy to get caught up in the noise: whispers of a recession, businesses closing, job losses, interest rates ratcheting up.

You can’t control the noise – so take control of these things that will make a difference to your business’s success:

Who is looking into your business?

1 Nov 2023 | Dene Kilpatrick

A system cannot understand itself without help from outside.

A profound truth from one of the great management engineers of the 20th Century, Edward Deming.

But what does it mean?

“I’m running out of cash”

11 Aug 2023 | Dene Kilpatrick

The top two numbers most business owners look at: sales, and cash at the bank.

Ask them what the balance sheet is and you can expect a blank stare.

But that is where your cash is – in other people’s bank accounts.
And the two most common places:

The Sport of Tax Planning

10 Apr 2019 | Dene Kilpatrick

Why tax planning is so important.

Like any sport, there are rules you need to comply with and there are also boundaries you need to stay within. There is also an umpire – his name is Chris Jordan, the Commissioner of Taxation. Finally, there is a time frame – 30th of June is when the final whistle blows, ending the game.

What you need to do?

Single Touch Payroll – you must act now

10 Apr 2019 | Dene Kilpatrick

Single touch payroll is the biggest change for small business since the GST was introduced. It is a monumental shift towards real-time reporting to the ATO.

Federal Budget 2019: What it means for you

10 Apr 2019 | Dene Kilpatrick

The Federal Treasurer, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, delivered the 2019 Federal Budget on 2 April 2019.

As widely predicted, the announcement included a range of tax cuts for both individuals and businesses. The Treasurer also announced increased funding for regulators to encourage tax and superannuation compliance, a number of positive changes to superannuation, and an affirmation of previously announced aged care measures.

This summary provides coverage of the key issues of most interest to you.

Labor imputation credits proposal and what it means

11 Apr 2018 | Dene Kilpatrick

Moving the goalposts every three years makes a mockery of a system designed to provide for our retirement.

Is your SMSF Trust deed out of date?

11 Apr 2018 | Dene Kilpatrick

Your SMSF Trust Deed is the single most important document in your fund. It clearly specifies all of the rules that govern the operation of your fund.

Paying the right amount of tax… and NO more

11 Apr 2018 | Dene Kilpatrick

With the passing of March, we also turn our attention to tax planning strategies to ensure that you are paying no more tax than you have to.  There are a...

The ATO and Uncle Scrooge

14 Dec 2017 | Dene Kilpatrick

Yes, they are related and both are just as determined to deflate Christmas.  

Business Breakthrough Workshops

14 Dec 2017 | Dene Kilpatrick

"Invest in your business and reap the rewards"

Jillian Dwyer Business Person of the Year

14 Dec 2017 | Dene Kilpatrick

We are delighted to announce that our own Jillian Dwyer has been awarded Business Person of the Year by the Newcastle Business Club.

NEW Visionary Wealth - our personal financial advisory service

14 Dec 2017 | Dene Kilpatrick

“It’s all about your goals – and making sure you have the money to achieve them.”

Superannuation contributions slashed

13 Jul 2017 | Dene Kilpatrick

From 1 July 2017, the general concessional contributions cap is $25,000 for all individuals regardless of age.

You either love or loathe a wage increase, depending on which end of the transaction you’re on.

13 Jul 2017 | Dene Kilpatrick

It’s time to head to the Fair Work website and review the updated awards. The new minimum wage rates apply from the first pay period on or after 1 July...

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