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Supercharge your business accounting with Xero

Piles of receipts, reconciling invoices, uploading batch files, a BAS report due, sticking to budget and knowing exactly where your business finances are at any given time… Bookkeeping and accounting can be a major headache for business owners, and a drain on your time and money.

Imagine a world where your weekly bookkeeping goes from 4.5 hours to 20 minutes. Where it is a simple and easy process; and you no longer have to pay monthly accountancy fees just to check over your books.

For Mark Robertson of MCR Refrigeration, this is exactly his experience.

And it is a remarkably common one for the many thousands of Australian small businesses that have moved to Xero.

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Reap the benefits in your business

Cloud accounting software can make an incredible difference to small businesses, and Xero is the leading player in the Australian market for good reason. Its online accounting platform allows you to work faster and more efficiently, with real-time access to your data, even when you’re on the move.

As certified Xero partners, Visionary Advisors are able to advise on your best use of Xero, move your current data into your new system, and work with you to keep you up to date and maximise your use of its powerful tools.

so simple I can do it myself – and save money

In my previous work environment the accounts were all on paper – it was complicated and I couldn’t keep an eye on things and see where I was up to. I started with Xero for my current business and it’s easy to use, easy for me to access the information and reports and do the invoicing. The value for money I get out of it is just great – it’s so simple I can do a lot myself and don’t need to talk to my accountant all that much. Which saves money on accounting fees. I think it’s brilliant for small businesses.”   Tiron Manning, Newcastle Buyers AgentTiron Manning

How Visionary Advisors can help you:

  • Xero file set-ups for new users

Let us take you through the set-up process and get everything finalised and running smoothly, all tailored to your own business. Our initial training will ensure you’re working effectively and efficiently from the start. Data can be securely moved from other accounting software with minimal disruption.

  • Payroll set up and support

We’ll show you how combining payroll with your online accounting can save you time – and money.

  • Small business budgeting with Xero

Our team will work with you to plan a realistic budget – you can then track it in Xero against actual income and expenditure throughout the year.

  • Regular and meaningful reports from Xero

We’ll help set up reports tailored for your own business requirements. Then let the software do the work for you – it’s easy and hassle-free

Some of Xero’s key features include:

  • Bank reconciliation - Connect to your bank for automatic updates and simple bank reconciliation.
  • Invoicing - Get paid fast to keep your cash flow healthy with online invoicing.
  • Quotes - Streamline your sales process with professional online quotes.
  • Pay bills - Pay the bills on time, reduce admin and keep control of your cash flow.
  • Payroll - Combine smart small business payroll software with your online accounting.
  • Expense claims - Easily record, claim and manage expenses & receipts online.
  • Purchase orders - Simplify your purchasing process and easily keep track of orders.
  • Reporting - Tailor smart financial reports and budgets to suit your business.
  • Business performance dashboard - Get the full picture of how your business is performing.
  • Data security - Protect your Xero data with multiple layers of security.
  • Mobile app - Work while you're on the move with the essentials in the Xero mobile app.

20 minutes a week and it’s all done and dusted

"Dene assured me Xero would be a real timesaver and easy to use. I am no genius on the computer so was a bit nervous. After he set me up and some initial hand-holding, I can’t believe how easy it is to use. 20 minutes a week and it’s all done and dusted. It’s a breeze. I reckon it’s the best $40 I spend each month. It saves me time, its saves me seeing an accountant every quarter and if I have an issue, Dene can just log in and fix it. To be honest I'd be lost without it."   Mark Robertson, Owner, MCR Refrigeration Mark Robertson

Visit to find out more, or call Visionary Advisors on (02) 4926 7100 to supercharge your business accounting today.

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