The ATO and Uncle Scrooge

Yes, they are related and both are just as determined to deflate Christmas.  

Christmas partieswhether for staff or clients are not a tax deductible expense, and you cannot claim the GST. Nor can you disguise your entertainment as some corporate event. 

It is VERBOTTEN. And you could be exposed to Fringe Benefits Tax 

However as part of our service to the community we have come up with a cunning festive plan to sneak under their radar.

Gifts can be given and can include things such as:  

     - Christmas hampers 
     - Bottles of alcohol 
     - Gift vouchers 
     - Flowers 
     - Pen sets etc

However none of this should cloud the fact that rewarding staff and saying thankyou to clients is a good thing. They are what business is all about.  

If you are at all confused in anyway please just give us a quick ring. We will be happy to clarify.

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