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What happens when the money stops?

Retirement - the well deserved finishing line for most working people but also a time of massive re-adjustment.
The money stops coming in and financial advisors field a lot of calls. "Will I be ok, really?"
But don’t leave it until retirement, at which point there is only so much a financial advisor can do for you.

Webinar: The new investment realities

The past two years have ushered in profound structural changes that are affecting how the investment market behaves. I held a webinar on new investment realities, together with Glen Foster, Head of Risk and Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium. Watch the replay below.

The investment landscape has changed. A new era is here.

The old economic assumptions have been shattered over the past two years. Which creates both opportunity and risk. Join Dene Kilpatrick and Glen Foster, Head of Risk and Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium, as he unpacks the new investment landscape – and gives guidance on how you can thrive in this new world order. Wed 25 October at 6pm.

Sometimes a simple table says it all

One of the most common questions I get is about retirement: “Will we be ok?”

Which is code for, “Will we have enough money?”

In simple terms it depends on so many personal circumstances. But the Australian Super Fund Association researches that a lot and here is their answer:

Choosing the right investment property – the pitfalls and opportunities [Webinar]

Choosing the right property is critical. It’s a big investment and if you get it wrong, there is a lot of sunk cost draining your future wealth. Here we share a data-driven approach to finding the right property.
Watch the presentation and download the checklist here.

Predictions or human behaviour?

People love predictions. They distil the complex, messy world in which we live into simplistic soundbites. And provide a sense of reassurance.

If they chime with our own beliefs, then they become certainties.

Scared of losses?

People are scared of losses. It’s understandable.
“Humans are feeling machines that think.”
Risk, the potential for losses, is inherent in any investment.
Even cash at the bank is losing money at the moment because of inflation.
Investment returns are the reward for risk.

Retirement is different

It’s simpler when you are working. Money is coming in and though you have the usual financial juggles, there is also the reassurance of the next paycheck.
Not when you retire. It’s a time when people’s money anxieties can dial up to 11.

The summit is not far

Predicting interest rates is fraught. The illusion of stability distracts us, and then woompa. When the RBA, with the battalion of PhD analysts, get it wrong what chance do we have?
However, we do believe that we are approaching peak interest rates.

Investment Manager Briefing: The Vanguard Group [Webinar]

Four Investment Principles that can help maximise your success. Here you can find the recording and slides from the Vanguard group webinar on Feb 8, 2023 .

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