What happens when the money stops?


Retirement – the finishing line for most working people. The moment they stop work and can devote themselves to their joys, hobbies, family, and friends. 

And it is well deserved. 

It is also a time of massive re-adjustment.  

For many, work is the largest part of their lives. On a weekday, they spend more time working than doing anything else.  

Many derive a sense of meaning and value from their work. All that is now gone. Previous routines evaporate, social bonds disintegrate and there is a vacuum of time.  

And the money stops coming in. 

It is the one stark realisation all retirees struggle with. 

A job means money comes into your bank account regularly, predictably, and reassuringly. If there is a temporary cash crisis, this too will pass, as there is always more money coming in. 

In retirement, the cash flow reverses: from your investments, superannuation, and savings. The money starts draining away. 


It’s also a time when financial advisors field a lot of calls. “Will I be ok, really?” 

For retirees with a robust financial plan, it is an emotional adjustment, but they will be fine. In fact, the research shows that:  

90% of advised clients say that accessing financial advice has left them in a better position financially”. 

Their biggest regret: that they didn’t start earlier. 

Most unadvised clients thought it would give them greater control and confidence about their money”. 


But don’t leave it until retirement, at which point there is only so much a financial advisor can do for you. 

And if you are at all concerned, rather than wrestle with nagging fears about your retirement, get some answers and start taking control of your future. It is your life. 

And if you want any help with that, do book a complimentary Personal Financial Health Check with Dene Kilpatrick. 

To create a path forward and for peace of mind.  

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